X-Games Park / 極限運動公園

Speed is such a fascinating and exciting term for sport exercises, however our perception of speed is so unidirectional and most of people keep pursuing the ultimate speed through vehicles. The main goal of this research is to explore that the sensation of speed and relative speed in-between people and surroundings inside a building, and how the sensation of speed and speed surroundings interact with the organization of a building and provide a different thinking of architecture.

The site was chosen in the center of Taipei city where full of speed elements around, such as river, nature wind, motor bike, car drive way, overpass high way, overpass free way and airline route. The perception of speed will not be unidirectional by infilling roller skating and a designed route so that it is possible to experience the sensation of ultimate speed comes from relative speed around directly through your body, skin, and naked eyes.














  • Design Period: 1999 ~ 2000
  • Location: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Building Type:
    Student Research Competition
  • Proposal Area: 80,000 sm
  • Graduation with Design Honor,
    Tamkang University
  • Proposal Awarded 1st place,
    May, 2000
  • Research Awarded 1st place,
    December, 1999