Cascading Ridge Condo/ 台北市中山區 岩水住宅大樓


   The site used to sit by the hill, Jin-Mian Shang, where meets the Keelung river before the course was changed in the 1960s and 1990s. This neighborhood was called “the Gold Lion stepping in the water” in the idea of Chinese Feng-Shui; the elders named this place “the bamboo forest” in terms of the very landscape. Neihu had its blossom, boats all over the river in-between the city and this suburban area during the development of Taipei City, since it provides the stone for the old Taipei City Wall during the Qing Dynasty and provides most of the architectural materials such as bricks, roofing roll tiles for the city over the past almost 200 years. 

   The concepts based on city and pedestrian scales to describe the idea of “Going Home”. The goal of city scale represents the culture, living, and landscape used to have in terms of sensational belonging. The pedestrian scale is the route of going home, which starts at the moment while exiting the MRT carriage. The rock looking masses are stacking up by the hill; the caved-in viewing balcony and grill covered service balcony are connected visually and cascading down along the rocks. The cascading moves and expands along the rocks through the soffits, shadows and various density of grills while coming along towards the building. The green pedestrian gives an idea of nature and leads to a 3-story high fissure where the residences enter the building and see the mountain aside. The vertical service core cladding with roofing roller tiles representing the chimney sits by visitor area, and the other side is the great hall with angled green tinted glass giving views to Jin-Mian Shang while residence walk by.  



  • Status:
    Property Negotiation
  • Design Period:
    Mar.-May. 2013
  • Location:
    Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Building Type:
    Condominium Buld. 
  • Proposal Area:
    7,200 sm
  • Budget: