The Sixth Hill/ 新北市 淡江大學守謙國際會議中心競圖

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       The Scheme of this project is generated through the interpretation of geological behavior and the relations with the Five Hills of Tamshui. Tamshui enriched with poetic legends of its landscape and topography, such as Bodhisattva Guanyin transformed into the Guanyin Mountain across the river in order to windup the romance with Lu Dongbin and they sat both side of the river, never met again ever since; another says that the god of Yangmingshan reached his hand to save the Goddess of Guanyin Mountain during a competition and formed the plain so called Guandu nowadays. Also, it was called Kan-tau Door as known as the Gorge guarded by Lion and Elephant in terms of its terrain by both river sides and the idea of Chinese Feng-Shui. Those are the reasons that give the imagination of romance between both sides of the Tamshui River; those specific characteristics can be found during the geological evolving over the past 4 million years, and the well-known Five Hills of Tamshui are part of the clues that is left through that time.


      The architectural journey begins from the great landscape looking river course, which connects the great view of the Tamshui River and the Guanyin Mountain down streaming and links to the living path of school campus up streaming; the river course bifurcates and leads you up and down to different public massing along the great river ramp; those public massing dives into the existing landscape and relatively float the pottery like massing which represent Suntangpu Cultule nearby and winding up like cloud along the building; this cloud massing leads the visitors into the building to experience an internal geological drama such as variation of heights, widths, and ramp goes up and down. Along these dramatic transition of spaces the journey ends in the quiet international lecture hall facing the great view of mountain across the river; the rock looking façade stretches into the lecture hall from exterior represent a raw connection with the nature in terms of special sensation, experience and visual connection.




    淡水地區富有其景觀、地形上詩意的傳說: 傳聞觀音菩薩為躲開呂洞賓的糾纏,渡淡水河後化作觀音山,從此東西對望;另一個傳說是相傳遙遙相望的觀音山女神和陽明山男神在一次山神聚會較量彼此長高的競賽中,觀音山女神不敵陽明山男神,而形成如今所謂之關渡平原,乃至於風水概念上的古地名: 獅象守口-干豆門,這就是為什麼觀音山和陽明山(大屯山系)在淡水出海口就地形上、景觀上、歷史傳承上給人有種心手相連浪漫之感;然而這麼多浪漫的傳說與地理特質裡總是離不開現今的淡水河,也藉由淡水河在四百萬年的地質演變中刻畫著這些浪漫傳說的地質特徵與線索,而最為現在淡水區域人們所記憶的便是耳熟能響的”淡水五虎崗”。


  • Status:
    Finalist, 3rd Place
  • Design Period:
    Aug. 2013
  • Location:
    New Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Building Type:
    Conference Hall & Hotel Complex 
  • Proposal Area:
    15,000 sm
  • Budget: